Your Pet May Be In Pain

You may not realize your pet is in pain.

Acting “old”, loss of appetite and interest, and shorter walks are often a sign of undetected pain! If left untreated, pain can significantly decrease the quality and shorten your pet’s life.

Pain causes stress within your pet’s body, releasing cortisol, decreasing the immunity functions, and often causing lethargy and weight gain.

All we need is an exam.

Our Pain & Mobility Analysis is a thorough examination of your pet’s range of movement and symptoms that usually aren’t uncovered in a regular medical check up. Dr. Giancola conducts your pet’s Pain & Mobility Analysis in a dedicated exam, including digital x-rays read by a Board-certified radiologist.

Ask us about additional hours for non-surgical consultation!

Your Pain & Mobility Assessment consists of:


The first thing we do is ask probing questions. We listen as you describe the critical details of your pet’s daily routine and activity.

joint assessmentJoint Assessment

Each joint is individually flexed gently to measure your pet’s reactions and assess overall joint laxity.

gait analysisGait Analysis

We observe your pet in motion and analyze every aspect of their overall movement, including their interest in their environment and interaction.

system isolationSystem Isolation

If your pet presents symptoms, we may proceed to further investigation like reflex assessment, digital radiology.


This includes a deep examination by touch of all areas of your pet’s abdomen, neck, spine, joints, and long bones.


We will prepare a customized treatment plan to manage any pain and help your pet return to their usual, energetic life.