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More than just a routine veterinary practice, Westerville Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of on-site services so your pet receives comprehensive care in a familiar place from people who know your pet individually.

Veterinary Health

Veterinary Health

Our state-of-the art facility and world-class experience and training enables us to diagnose quickly and accurately so we can begin treatment immediately. We get answers in minutes instead of days.

Digital X-rays


Therapeutic laser

Oxygen therapy

Blood testing and analysis

Pain management for acute and chronic pain

Dental Care

Dental Care

Good oral health is essential to your pet's well-being and happiness. WestVets offers in-house services including general teeth cleaning as well as x-rays and tooth extraction.

Digital X-rays

Ultrasound Teeth cleaning for cats and dogs

Tooth extraction

Dental x-rays

Oral health management

Routine plaque and tartar control

Emergency Care and Surgeries

Emergency Care and Surgeries

In addition to routine veterinary care, practice owner Dr. Damian Giancola, DVM, personally has over 11 years of experience diagnosing, identifying, and treating complex medical and surgical cases.

Soft tissue emergencies

Foreign body surgeries

Bloat surgeries



Auto immune diseases

Blood and plasma transfusions

Dog and Cat Grooming

Dog and Cat Grooming

Pets are happier when they feel good, and our full service grooming for cats and dogs ensures that your pet is groomed and styled to feel their best.


Standard cuts


Nail trimming for cats and dogs

Spa treatments

Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care

Security and socialization are the hallmarks of WestVet's Doggie Day Care. Your dog will get personalized care and attention.

Convenient daily care

A great option for scheduling routine care or grooming

Daily care from the staff who knows your pet best



WestVets offers the convenience of full service boarding when owners need to be away from home or need post-surgery supervision for their pets.

Secure and safe kennels

Regular outdoor excursions for exercise and comfort

Caring supervision

One Price for Premium Care

For one monthly payment, our Premium Pet Membership secures your access to all of the regular services your pet needs plus guarantees a 20% discount on many additional services.
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“Our Premium Pet Members have saved as much as $5,000 a year with this program.”

The team.

Our state-of-the art facility and world-class experience and training enables us to diagnose quickly and accurately so we can begin treatment immediately. At Westerville Veterinary Clinic, we get answers in minutes instead of days.

Damian Giancola, DVM

Practice owner Dr. Damian Giancola, DVM, personally has over 7 years of experience diagnosing, identifying, and treating complex medical and surgical cases. A skilled emergency surgeon, Dr. Giancola is proficient in soft-tissue surgeries including bloat, c-sections, and cystotomies. A graduate of The Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Giancola is a proud Buckeye.

Lisa Morgan, Registered Veterinary Technician

Lisa is our registered veterinary technician with a Veterinary Technology Associate’s degree. She has been with WestVets for 3 years and has a wealth of knowledge with preventative health care for cats and dogs. She is our veterinarian’s main support and the face our clients get to see when they visit for their pet’s medical needs. She has a husky, a beagle, a puggle, and five cats.

Jack Fisher, Veterinary Assistant

Jack has been with WestVets for 5 years. He has a Veterinary Technology Associate’s degree and has a special interest in animal dentistry. Jack was hired on at WestVets after interning. He has rescued 2 animals, a Yorkie with fractured legs and a cat that we couldn’t adopt out.

Kaylen Watts, Registered Veterinary Technician

Kaylen recently passed her veterinary technician national exam. A graduate of Columbus State University, she has a special interest in laboratory and makes sure ours runs smoothly. She has a small mixed breed dog, named Coco, who she can’t keep out of water.

Marie Hereda, DVM

Dr. Marie Hereda is a two-time graduate of The Ohio State University. With 6 years of general practice experience, she enjoys working with clients to ensure their pet’s health and happiness.  Dr. Couling is a member of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association and is certified in Vet-Stem Stem Cell Therapy for pain management.

Taylor Pannell, Receptionist

Taylor is the newest addition to the WestVets team.  She is our receptionist and has grown with leaps and bounds and is learning all about WestVets world quickly. Taylor is excellent with people and makes our clients feel at home. She has six cats, a dwarf rabbit, and 2 slider turtles. Taylor just celebrated her daughter’s second birthday and her daughter is already showing an interest in animals, just like her mom.

Denise Snyder, Master Groomer

Denise has been grooming with WestVets for 34 years. She started off in the kennel but found her calling helping pets look and feel their best. Denise grew up on a farm and has experience with all animals. She is one of the few groomers who still grooms cats. She has a Rottweiler, a long haired 21 year old cat, a chicken, and a 28 year old cockatoo. When not at work she is busy with her eight grandchildren. Denise is our animal whisperer and every patient loves her!

Jake Short, Kennel Technician

Jake has been with WestVets for 6 years. He maintains Doggie Daycare and Boarding at the facility. He has a strong bond with cats and has rescued 3 senior felines who couldn’t get adopted. Daycare dogs love him and play for hours.

Erica Bowden, Office Manager

Erica has been with WestVets for 7 years. Over the years, she has developed strong bonds with clients, their pets, and she calls WestVet’s her second home. She is here to discuss our clients needs financially and emotionally as well as support the WestVets team. She has two dogs and a cat and is notorious for taking sick, stray animals home and nursing them back to health so they can be adopted back out.

Taylor Robinson, Kennel Technician

Taylor has been with WestVets for 3 years. She grew up with large animals and was a 4-H member all of her childhood. She assists Denise with bathing the animals and loves to just sit and give kisses to all of our boarders.

Laura Buntemeyer, Veterinary Technician

Laura recently graduated with a veterinary technology associate’s degree. She plans to take her veterinary technician exam in the summer. She is the proud owner of 2 cats, Pixel and Wednesday, and one snake, Boba Fett. In her free time she runs her own photography business and specializes in pet portraits. You can see some of her work on our Facebook page.

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